Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rides and Candy and Toys - Oh Boy!

Don't ask what I'm doing on the first Wednesday in August for at least the next 5 years. It's opening day at the Ventura County Fair! And it's only $1 to enter (for me since kids under 5 are free). Added bonus this year - Ray stayed home with Logan so that Dylann and I could stay as long as we wanted (didn't have to go home to put Logan down for a nap).

This year we met up friends which not only made it more fun for Dylann, but less nauseating for me. I don't know at what age it happened, but just the sight of all the spinning rides makes me queasy. And just about everything spins. Some even float in one direction while spinning in another - ugh, just the thought of it is making me sick.

click image for larger view of spinning rides

Dylann did go on one ride that didn't spin, but as you can see

this ride goes up 20' and drops in 5' increments
it wasn't a hit.

Don't worry, the day ended on a high note - Dylann won a stuffed panda bear and got to have some cotton candy!

what? your kid doesn't hug their cotton candy?

And since we're heading out of town this week and won't be able to hit the fair for the next $1 day, we went again on Sunday - with Logan, Daddy and Grandpa - Yippee!!

Logan looks so excited, doesn't he?

Looking forward to next year when I'll have to buy double the ride tickets because Logan will want to go on the all the glorious spinners too!


Kati said...

I can't do spinning rides either! Not since I hurled on the tilt-a-whirl years ago...while.it.was.in.motion. Y-e-a-h....Ben's on his own when it comes to the Tea Cups @ Disneyland!! Love the pic of Dylan w/ her sugary goodness!!

Becky said...

so, so happy we didn't have to go on spinning rides this year.