Thursday, March 11, 2010


Every time we go to Underwood Family Farms, I think of how lucky we are to live in an area where we can be outdoors most of the year and go to places like this to pick our own fresh produce.

Today it was strawberries.

Doesn't get any fresher than this.


imblerfamily said...


You need to send in that picture (for a contest) of Logan bobbing for strawberries right in the field. That's adorable! Thanks for the reminder that it's "that time of year again" to pick strawberries. Maybe we'll head out there this weekend!

joyfulgirl said...

so much fun. wish we could have made it out. their strawberries are YUMMY!

Jennifer said...

Miyo, it was great to see you and your adorable kids! Our strawberry loot only made it about an hour in our house, they were delicious!

Christie said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time, and got some cute pictures too! We need to get out there before it gets too hot!