Monday, March 29, 2010


That's been Logan's nickname for the past week.

He took a spill and landed on the crossbar to one of our dining chairs. So this is what I've been looking at for the past week.

Day 1 - I cried every time I looked at him

Day 2 - It looked the worst

Day 3 - At least the swelling has gone down

Day 4 - Tough guy

Day 5 - I guess he's doing fine


Becky said...

loved that you chronicled it! Those are actually really cute pics of the little man!

miyo b. said...

i know, right? i love the day 4 picture!

joyfulgirl said...

he looks like he has completed his initiation into toddlerhood. love that his battle wounds didn't seem to bother the "bruiser" much. he's adorable no matter how many colors his face is painted.

Becky said...

I too like that you chronicled the life-cycle of his contusion (I know, I'm a big science dork). I'm also glad that didn't happen on my watch (I'm questioning the validity of your accusation from the last "black eye").

Becky's husband.