Tuesday, August 11, 2009

little lovie

so, i think everyone knows that dylann carries a security blanket around, right? if not, she does and has been since she was about 6 months old. she named it "pink" and it goes everywhere with us. EVERYWHERE!

since logan is now 6 months old, i thought i would go out a purchase one for him, but i just couldn't find one that i liked. so i made one.

went to fabric towne usa last night and found this cute flannel print

pinned it together with a soft yellow flannel and some wide satin ribbon

and ta-dah!

a small, security blanket for logan - we'll see if he gets just as attached as dylann did to hers. wonder what he'll name it?


Becky said...

cute... I'm sure he'll love it. Here's to not having to look for it too many times on the boardwalk, in Target, etc.

Laura said...

Very cute! I made Georgia a blanket in "Seasquirt's" image and she appears to be as attached as Parker is to Seasquirt. I'm quite blown away because we did not push it on her....just made it available. I guess it can be genetic?

Russ said...

What a beautiful job you did!
I'm sure he will treasure it the way you did yours for so many years.