Thursday, August 6, 2009

fair fun

the ventura county fair is in town - and wednesday was $1 day (meaning admission was only $1 as opposed to the normal $10 fee).

i was a little hesitant about taking this day on without the help of ray as i would be carrying logan while making sure dylann didn't get lost in the mass crowd of people.

i explained to dylann that she would need to be my big helper if she wanted to go to the fair and she obliged. we packed her little, pink, hello kitty backpack with water, my camera, and a bottle for logan and we were on our way.

this year she was able to get on a lot of the rides by herself because she had reached the height requirements; that, and she is a self proclaimed "big girl" now.

here she is all proud of herself controlling the helicopter ride all by herself
and riding the racecar
and on the jumpin' star
she then asked if we could go on the ferris wheel together. i really didn't want to go on it because of my fear of heights, but i just couldn't say no to her. she kept pointing things out in the distance and rocking our seat and asking me, "this is so fun, right mommy?" to which i would answer, "yes, it's fantastic" with my quivering voice.
what a great day we had together! i think we may go again next wednesday!


dakotasmommy said...

you are an awesome mommy, dakota couldn't drag me on the ferris wheel no way, you are great!

Becky said...

I know you're holding onto Logan for dear life in that last pic...