Monday, May 18, 2009

tadpole adventure

Yesterday, a friend of ours invited us to take a hike in Meiners Oaks to search for tadpoles.

Even though we started out around 4pm, it was still pretty hot out there. Mind you, I was carrying baby Logan on my chest inside a black Ergo - whew!

When we finally reached the water, it was as if the angels were singing (at least for me). I was hoping that the watering hole would be a bit larger so that we could all cool off a bit - well, at least there was some shade.

We scooped up a few little guys and brought them home. Our mission is to keep them alive until they turn into frogs, at which time we plan on taking that hike again and returning them to Meiners Oaks.


dakotasmommy said...

how fun! how are the tadpoles doing? You are looking great miyo, I am going to have to follow your lead once this baby comes.