Sunday, May 10, 2009

organic mother's day

For a long while now, I've been thinking how nice it would be have a vegetable garden. I can imagine going out there with my kids, watering and watching the harvest grow and then picking them for our dining pleasure. I also secretly hope that this will encourage my daughter to eat more vegetables.

Well, today, my wonderful husband and daughter built a container garden for me!!!

Here is Ray sanding the edges of the posts that he had cut at 45 degrees to make the container more esthetically appealing

Dylann helping Dad - she is soooo strong!

Here it is, almost done. They are going to build 2 of these. Each one will be 4' x 6'.

And here are some of the vegetables we will be planting

Stay posted - we'll continue this project next weekend. Buying soil, planting the veggies, and getting dirty.


Becky said...

so jealous of your handy husband... Excited to see your new garden!!!

Russell said...

What an awesome project and, once again, Ray does a fabulous job!

dakotasmommy said...

yay Miyo. It is awesome having things growing in your backyard. Happy Mothers Day!

Stasia said...

I love how you said "THEY are going to build another one" ... Dylann must have the construction gene, too!

miyo b. said...

yes stasia - dylann knows more about ray's power tools than i do. so sad.

SFYoung said...

I think I'll have to report you for breaking child labor laws...unless you give those to my sister! Looks like things are going well.