Friday, June 18, 2010


We recently took a little trip out to Kern County for a little camping fun with our friends, the Weisers.

It only took 2 hours to get there, but Dylann has recently been very impatient on the road. She was constantly yelling, "Are we there yet?" Didn't help that the majority of the ride looked like this

When we arrived at our final destination, Buena Vista Campground on Lake Webb, it was a balmy 98 degrees!!!! So we spent our days doing this

But once the sun would start setting, we would all get back onto dry land to enjoy views like this

It was hot, dirty, and uncomfortable at times, but I swear - I always end up having so much fun camping!!! And I don't think I'd ever seen Dylann have so much fun in her little life!


Kati said...

oh man..that last shot is so cute! looks like a fun time!

Jennifer said...

Sharla's response to last picture.. "Huh? They are both Naked? Awesome!"

Becky said...

love that last shot them!

Tamika said...

The last shot could so be a birthday card or postcard. Cute!

imblerfamily said...

Miyo, You should seriously enter that photo into some contest...Vta County Fair is right around the corner!!