Friday, February 5, 2010

he's 1

sounds cliche, but this past year flew by! my little man just had his 1st birthday and i truly can't wrap my head around it. he still feels like a baby to me - probably because he isn't walking yet (dylann was walking at 10 months) and he's still pretty little (wears 9 month clothes).

i began planning his party about a month ago trying to decide on a "theme" but i just wasn't inspired by anything until i found this website. i decided on a slightly off primary color party. i know he won't remember his party, but i felt that since i had a pretty nice party for dylann's 1st i wanted him to have the same. lots of photos were taken (thank god for friends with nice cameras) so that he'll be able to look back at the evidence.

it started with the banner

then everything else fell into place

it was a great weekend!

happy 1st birthday logan!


Kati said...

Miyo! That all looks amazing!! What a cute color scheme. Simple, yet fun & chic!

Anonymous said...

Another amazing job by my amazingly talented daughter! Love the photos! Well done sweetheart!