Thursday, April 16, 2009

and baby makes four

Wow - has it really been 5 months since my last blog? How sad.

So much has happened, but the most exciting news is the arrival of little Logan. Dylann has baby brother! He came into the world on Friday, January 30th.

Here is my birth story:

First, let's just say that I wasn't the most pleasant pregnant woman. I was uncomfortable all the time - hot, swollen, and miserable. So by the time January rolled around, I was done being pregnant - even though my due date wasn't until February. And to top it off, during the last few weeks of January, Ventura got a heat wave. The normal 50-60 degree weather was nowhere to be found, only 80-90 degree, not good for me, weather - UGH!!!

I had my regular appointments with my midwife, Kathy Wingland (the best btw), and the Thursday before Logan arrived, I asked her if there was a way to get things progressing. She offered to strip my membranes, to which I said, yes, PLEASE!!!

That night I started having contractions at around 11pm. First every 10 minutes, but by 12am they were 3 minutes apart! My husband was in a panic thinking I might have the baby at the house or in the car on the way to the hospital - it was pretty funny.

After arriving at CMH, labor was progressing steadily and my midwife showed up at about 3am. She stayed by my side, as did Ray, until Logan was born at 7:32am.

I had the birth I had always wanted - drug free and allowed to move freely without an IV holding me down. Amazing what the human body can endure.


dakotasmommy said...

miyo that is so awesome! glad to see you blogging again.

Becky said...

what?! A post? I'm telling Song right now so he can stop making snide remarks (yes, he was making them). Love that picture.

joyfulgirl said...

Yay, Miyo! Such a great birth story and so happy to see that you're posting again. Welcome back.


Mona said...

Hi Miyo - What a wonderful Birth Story, wish my own deliveries had been so productive. Pictures are beautiful, great stories. Love seeing the kids. Blogging for 1st time. Will have to check in often :) love to all XOXOXO to kids from Auntie Mona